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During our recent trip to California, one of the places we wanted to visit was Universal Studios Hollywood. We went for 1 day, purchasing tickets online from my friends employers. With ticket prices at a high point, I figured I’d break down what you get when you visit, so that you can see if it is worth is to you or not. Below is a little more detail on the specific attractions that we did while visiting.

Special Effects Show

Ever watch a movie and think to yourself how they did something?  From fighting, being set on fire to floating in space, the Special Effects Show breaks down how its done. Seeing someone getting set on fire was a little nerve-racking. They place a special get over their bodies to protect from the fire. All I kept thinking was that I hoped they didn’t miss a spot. There are a few parts that they allow members of the audience to be included.

One portion was having an audience member  using a prop knife on one of the hosts arm. You see the knife digging into their arm and see blood appear. What is actually happening is the knife is cut out to shape an arm, and when you press on the handle it releases “blood”. Interesting to see how they did it, the audience member had a bit of a surprise once she was finished. But I won’t spoil that part for you. The show lasts about 30-40 minutes and it a great way to take a break from being out in the sun. They also have a Universal Animal Actors Show, we didn’t make it to this one, but I can tell you that the seats we packed!

Jurassic Park-The Ride

Who doesn’t love Jurassic Park? I remember watching it when I was a kid for the first time. That moment when they arrived and are in the field, they look up to see the dinosaurs in the distance and the owner says, “welcome to Jurassic Park”.


Jurassic Park- The Ride takes you through a journey of Jurassic Park…

after all the mayhem.

The ride takes you through water as you view some areas memorable from the movie. Watch out though, you never know where a dinosaur may be. Your ride ends with a bit of a drop, and you may (or may not) get wet. We sat in the back and didn’t get wet, however, a follower in IG stated they got drenched! I assume sitting more towards to front is where all this happens. It was a fun ride and not too scary for the kids. We ran into a lady who had a pass to go to the front of the line. For some reason she didn’t want it and gave it to us! Lucky for us, getting right on makes it that much better.

Transformers- The Ride (3-D)

Transformers! More than meets the eye!

That’s an understatement for this ride. I swear I know that Universal is all entertainment/movies, but they know what they’re doing. Clearly. The Transformers ride is amazing! I literally felt like I was riding through the streets of a city. Realistically, you’re sitting in your seat of the ride and turning a few corners, all the while facing a huge screen with 3-D glasses on. But you “feel” as though you’re part of the movie trying to defeat the decepticons. So much fun! Don’t pass it up!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

If you’re a Harry Potter fan this this is your area! It actually amazing even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan. We went on one ride, but the little ladies were a few inches too short to get on Flight for Hoppogriff, which was a very short ride, but perfect for the little roller coaster seekers.
The Walking Dead Attraction

If you know me, then you know that I an a huge fan of The Walking Dead.
Like Huge.

My son is also a mini fan of the walkers, so The Walking Dead Attraction was top on our list to visit while at Universal Studios Hollywood. This attraction is a walk-thru experience, much like a haunted house. You’re taken into replicated scenes of The Walking Dead, with walkers and all. The walkers cannot touch you, nor should you touch the walkers. But I assure you, screaming will be had within the walls of The Walking Dead Attraction.

Fast & Furious-Supercharged

While on the studio tour, we were able to go though Fast & Furious-Supercharged. While on the tram, you enter a sound stage. Here you’ll be surrounded by a screen where the cast of Fast & Furious will appear. It’s a lot of fun, the ride takes you on a 3-D experience and gives you the feel of being in the movie yourself (hey, Universal, I’m totally game for making that happen in reality).

King Kong 360 3-D

Also on the Universal Studio Tour is King Kong 360 3-D. It was amazing! You literally are surrounded by a screen that encompasses King Kong himself and dinosaurs. Everywhere you look you see something, and if you go on it again, it’ll be a different experience.

Despicable Me- Minion Mayhem

Adorbs. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a Minion, now’s your chance. Get morphed into a Minion by no other than…

 Edith, Anges and Margo?? Yeah, you read that right. The girls took control and are here to take you on a wild ride! This is literally the most adorable ride from the outside to the inside!

Super Silly Fun Land

Next to the Despicable Me Ride you’ll be able to enjoy the Super Silly Fun Land. Great for the little ones. With the Super Silly Fun Ride that lives inside this area, you can get a full view of Super Silly Fun Land. The ride itself mimics the Dumbo Ride at Magic Kingdom, so perfect for toddlers on up. Along with a playground, they also have a wet playground which is the perfect addition to a hot summer day!

The Simpsons-The Ride

Marge, this ticket doesn’t just give me a seat, it also gives me the right, no, the duty! to make a complete ass of myself. 

-Homer Simpson

Homer always has great advice. And if his advice includes getting on The Simpsons ride at Universal than this is true. The Simpsons ride is the most entertaining wait you’ll ever have at a theme park. While waiting for your turn, you can see clips of Simpsons past on TV screens. This was the first ride we went on while visiting Universal Studios Hollywood and really set the bar high. Fun for the whole family, this ride makes you feel like you’re in Springfield with all your favorite Simpson characters. I grew up on The Simpsons, so this was a lot of fun. My son has yet to watch the show, but now he’s a fan before even watching it.

Revenge of The Mummy-The Ride

This ride starts off slowly moving about, allowing you to really get a great view of all the creatures of the tomb. And then you speed off… FAST! Until you come to a complete stop. Then, you’ll reverse at the same fast speed you were just moving. It was so much fun! I thought my son was going to be a crying mess, mind you, I couldn’t see him in the dark. Once we hit the light. Laughter. A huge smile.

Shrek 4-D

Probably my least favorite of all the Universal attractions that we went on, but still the best 4-D movie we’ve seen. I’d suggest possibly trying to see this first or saving it for a moment to beat the heat, just know that it isn’t an attraction like the others. You’re seated in one place, the seat moves up and down, you have on 3-D glasses and you may get a little wet.


Throughout the park you’ll be greeted and meet a lot of characters. The difference between meeting characters at Universal vs. a Disney park is like day and night! Here, you can actually meet them, in a timely manner and you don’t need to schedule anything. We met most of The Simpsons crew, Gru, Minions, and we passed Transformers and a dinosaur. The one you’ll wait for the longest (as far as we could tell) was for the Transformers and even that was about a 20 minute wait.

Universal Studio Tour

Did you know we almost missed the studio tour? Of course you didn’t, I didn’t tell you. We did though, almost miss it that is. Not thinking of the obvious, we forgot that studio tours was apart of the experience. Our day was getting later and the temperature was getting colder. Remembering from earlier in the day when we walked by the entrance, I reminded my friend about the tours. We figured that would be a great way to end the day, so away to the tours we went. The wait was a bit of a long one, but well worth it. We rode by several sound stages where shoes like The Voice are filmed. We even went by the sound stage where they filmed some of the scenes from Jaws and Jurassic Park.

Okay, and let me just say this. It ruined movies for me a little. Like when they showed us the scene that was filmed for Jurassic Park inside the sound stage. I know that it’s not real. But now that I know where it all happened it kind of took the magic out of the movie. It was also interesting seeing sets like Desperate Housewives, who’s set was used several times in other shows and movies. The plane crash from War of the Worlds, Bate Motel and Jaws. They also show you how the make it rain and even how the produce a flash flood! It was so cool. I don’t want to go into too much detail and ruin it for you as I was surprised at some of the things we seen and experienced. Don’t pass up the tour. I repeat. Don’t pass up the tour!

So now that you know what to do when you visit Universal Studios Hollywood, here is what purchasing a Universal Studios Hollywood ticket will cost you.

Laughs. We laughed a lot. Everything was so much fun. Out of all the amusement parks that I’ve been to, Universal has something for the whole family. On all the rides we went on we gasped, we screamed and we laughed… a lot!

Time. The time we spent here was well worth it. It was so convenient, especially with the City Walk steps away. We were able to walk over and grab a bite to eat without breaking the bank and most of all without leaving the premises.

 Memories. Most importantly it will buy you a lot of memories. Great memories with your friends and family that you’ll always cherish. I love seeing my son smile and see his eyes light up with excitement. 

It was worth every penny for the moments, memories, great times and great laughs that were had at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

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Erin Maycroft at
You had me at The Magical World of Harry Potter....oh, and Minion Mayhem. I cannot WAIT to make the trip down here. All your pictures got me so excited! I'm hoping for this fall.
    EatMakeTravel at
    I can't imagine anyone going here and having a bad time. You'll enjoy yourself!
Robin Rue at
This is good to know. We want to take the kids there next year, so this is helpful.
    EatMakeTravel at
    Definitely take them. If you can afford the fast pass then get it!
Toni Jones at
My family and I went to Universal Studios over a decade ago. I'm surprised to see how many new things have been added. This place brought out the kid in all of us. Seeing your family have so much fun makes me want to plan another trip there soon.
    EatMakeTravel at
    This my first time. I remember seeing ads on the TV when I was little and wanting to go. So glad I was able to take my son!
Andrea Broom at
looking at these pictures bring me back so much to my childhood, I grew up in South Florida and we would go to Universal a lot during the summer and many weekends.
    EatMakeTravel at
    Universal Studios Orlando is on my list now! I had so much fun in Hollywood!
Terri Steffes at
I was there years ago and it was so much fun. Your pictures show you having a ton of fun. Making memories with our kids...priceless!
    EatMakeTravel at
    We had so much fun! You should definitely do back!
eazynazy at
I have been to universal studios Hollywood for n number of times and I still enjoy going there

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