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Tupelo Honey Cafe Now Open in Sandy Springs!!

Last year my best friend and I went on a little weekend getaway in Knoxville. While we were there we ate at one of the best restaurants that I have ever been to. Tupelo Honey Cafe, which originated in the heart of Ashville, NC has only thrived since opening with their made from scratch menu and Southern hospitality. The food is delicious to say the least! The biscuits are to die for! They’re not those super dry biscuits that leave your mouth yearning for liquid, but then again, I do drown my biscuit in Tupelo’s own honey and Blueberry Compote, of which they sell so that you can enjoy at home when you need a little fix. 🙂

* I received a complementary meal to facillitate a review, my opinions are my own

credit: Julia Canaday

credit: Julia Canaday

So in Knoxville is when I fell in love with their amazing food, and when I found out that they had several other locations that I knew I must find one closer to my home in Metro Atlanta! When they told me that they were in the works of opening up a location here I about dropped my biscuit (but that’s crazy talk, I had already devoured it). I knew that it would be a frequent visit for me, but was a bit disappointed when it wasn’t going to be opening until this year (2016).

Since my visit to Knoxville in June of 2015 I have visited the Greenville location two times. Everyone that I have taken to Tupelo Honey Cafe has loved it, and has actually visited it again! But let’s not ponder on the past anymore, let’s talk about the present and future visits of the newest Tupelo Honey’s location in Sandy Springs!

As of right now, the Sandy Springs location is only open for dinner. They will open for brunch and lunch starting 7/16

The location is convenient, just a short distance off of 285 and close to the Perimeter. It’s located in a fairly new  shopping area. The atmosphere of Tupelo Honey Cafe is like all the others; charming and modern with a touch of southern. If you’ve never been to a location, they decorate with old doors or windows, plates, cups and platters yet they keep the decor young and fresh! Look at this wall! Is it gorgeous!!


Credit: Julia Canaday

It’s a great place to go eat lunch with the family, grab a bite with some friends or have a date of with your significant other.

The food.

Phenomenal. It is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

For  appetizers we ate the  Country Fair Avocado. I love Avocado, but I never had it fried. If you are an Avocado lover, or maybe on the fence about it, please try the Country Fair Avocado, it was amazing! And the salsa that they serve with it is drop the mic good! If they brought out all the fried avocados that they had in the back I would have been perfectly happy.


The chicken is fried just right without being dry. The okra, perfection. I also had Brussels sprouts with bacon, they tasted awesome, however I do like mine to be cooked longer, so if you do too you may want to mention that the wait staff.


My friend that went with me had Grilled Atlantic  Salmon. It was perfectly cooked, not a bit of it was dry (I hate dried out salmon!) and glazed with apple cider vinegar. She also had Potato Cracklin’ which was served slightly crispy and packed with flavor.  They were wonderful, someone put them in a bowl and give me a fork!


For dessert we had a Southern favorite, Banana Pudding.



ughh. I was so full from my dinner and appetizers that I could not eat another bite.

Somehow I ate all the banana pudding. Like, by myself.

Clearly I like to party hard.

I’m not a drinker, so I can’t really tell you about the alcoholic drinks that they offer, but I can say that they had a variety, that all the tables around me had drinks and that my friend tasted one and thought it was delicious.

Now, Tupelo has some AMAZING non-alcoholic drinks too! Now this I can tell you about. The Lavender Lime Fizz is my favorite! It has equal amounts of Lavender and lime flavors with an equally perfect amount of fizz.

They have a great drink that the kids will love that has a twist on a flavor we all know. Orange Cremesicle.

A slight orange flavor with natural ingredients with just a tad bit of sugar! Yes folks, you can give the kiddies a special drink with out all the hype!

Did you notice that I keep using the work perfect?

I guess that’s how I truly feel about Tupelo Honey Cafe… Perfect!

It has great food and  great service in a modern establishment without missing the Southern charm. Tupelo Honey Cafe is a place you MUST visit!

Oh, and don’t forget to ask for Stephanie, she’s awesome!

Tupelo Honey Cafe is located at:

4600 Roswell Rd Bldg C Ste 110
Sandy Springs, GA 30342


*They are only open for dinner from 6/20-7/15.

Full service including brunch and lunch will begin July 16th at 8 a.m.

Sun – Thurs: 4 pm – 10 pm
Fri & Sat: 4 pm – 12 pm
Dinner: 4 pm – Close
Happy Hour: Sun – Thurs from 4 – 8 pm

You can keep up with Tupelo Honey Cafe on social media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


Credit: Julia Canaday

Credit: Julia Canaday

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