Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wow. We had a busy week. Last week of school, my son’s birthday and birthday party, Six Flag, doctor appointment. etc, etc. On our way home from my son’s doctor’s visit, my car started over-heating. If you didn’t know I live in metro Atlanta, we were on the road about 5 PM on a Wednesday afternoon… on 285. If you know anything about Atlanta, it;s the traffic. Luckily for me, I was right by an exit, which I took and parked at a gas station. I immediately called my boyfriend, who told me to not even try to drive it, call my roadside assistance and get it back to the house. At this time he was on his way in to work, and it was no big deal for my to call my roadside assistance as I have a billion times before. So, I call and the representative let me know they should be there about 6 PM. So, we sat and waited. 6 came and went and they automated recording called me back to ensure that the tow truck made it to our destination. I replied that they hadn’t so they went ahead and contacted to tow truck company. They came back and ensured me that they would be there within that hour. This was the longest I have ever waited for a tow truck when I went through my Roadside Assistance, but no worries, they would be here and and I will be home before dark…

We waited past that hour and then I received a call from the tow truck company, they were on their way!! Yay, relief. We will be home soon and not stranded at this random BP! So, the guy shows up, stays in his truck for a few minutes before he exits. Once he does he hands me a pad to sign for the work they he was about to do. I ask how far will it be to our home since I knew it was at least 18 miles (and my roadside only covers 15 miles). He says it’s only 2 mile.

Only 2 miles?!?!

He says, “You’re off Peachtree Industrial, right?”

No… Not at all. Where did this mystery address even come from? The representative that I spoke to on the phone never asked so I assumed that I was going over this with the tow truck company. He then called his supervisor to see what can be done at this point. Once he got off the phone, he let me know that he could NOT take my car until her gets the address from my roadside assistance. I figured that was no big deal, I will just call then up and give them the correct drop-off address while he waited.

No, he had to leave.


Yes, the whole thing started all over again. They said it will be another hour due to having a police call.

and then another went by.

and then a half an hour.

and then another half hour.

It was past 10 PM at this point.

I was tired. I get to work before 6 AM every morning, so this was by far a long day already, and we had to be at it again tomorrow. I had no energy to argue, it was hot, and I was just simply tired of just… sitting.

I kept trying to get in touch with my boyfriend, who came right when he got off work. The tow truck company then told the Roadside assistance that they were now in traffic due to contraction. It was pushing 12 AM by this point. My roadside assistance apoligized again and again, but at that point it meant nothing. This was the worst customer service. And the tow truck company has not even called us at that point (other than the earlier call). My boyfriend had enough after a half an hour, filled my coolant reservoir with water and chanced it home in my car as I drove his. At 12:30 AM, the tow truck company called. I didn’t answer, I’m sure they finally made it though, but after 6+ hours of just sitting, I was not about to deal with them.┬áIt was a horrible experience. I never had a bad experience with my roadside assistance before and would praise them all the time. The tow truck company too was horrible, they should have communicated with my they they were running late, and even though they would have lost the business they should have told me (or roadside) to give the call to another company.

It was a long 6+ hours.

Thank God we mad it home safely.

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