Do you Dare to visit Dread Hallow at Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern?

Haunted attractions have become more elaborate than they typical haunted houses that I grew up with. They’ve become a full-on production; make-up, better props, and better location. Speaking of location, did you know that every year there is an amazing haunted attraction just a short 2-hour drive in one of Chattanooga’s most popular attraction? Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern has been scaring its patrons for several years now, and each year the story is different. So, you never have the same experience twice.

Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern

This year the Haunted Cavern takes us to Dread Hallow, a small 1600’s town that was doomed from the evil that lurks in the dark. The dark past has been carried over to the modern-day. Mercy Harker, one of the towns founders who coerced the plan that ultimately lead to death of 13 woman evil still lurks throughout the town.

There are some changes from previous years. The Haunted Cavern has actually moved from its original location at Ruby Falls. It is now located at: 321 Browns Ferry Road, Chattanooga, TN 37419. With the move, it allows for the attraction to have double the space, thus giving the actors more space to do what they do best. Scare.

Tickets to into the Haunted Cavern are $20 and you can get a R.I.P Fast Pass for $30. Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern joins Fear Connection to bring you all the scares from September 29 – October 31 (Thursdays-Sundays and Halloween). Dread Hallow will open up at 7 p.m. nightly and closing time will vary (see website). Recommended for children 12 and over (but is up to the parents discretion). No holding small children and it is wheel chair accessible.

We will be getting our scare the opening weekend, so check back for my review! 

If you want more information on Haunted Cavern, check out the link:

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