Saturday, September 23, 2017

We don’t normally eat breakfast together during the week. Well, normally, not at all! I’m at work by 6 and my son typically eats at school, so unless his dad and him feel like eating before he gets on the bus, then it is only on the weekends that we get to enjoy the most important meal of the day together. Typically we have a breakfast meat, toast and eggs or oatmeal on Saturdays and pancakes on Sunday, with different options from time-to-time. This past weekend I decided to change it up a bit and made a potato, sausage, cheese and egg scramble. It was easy, I only used one pan and it was delicious.


I used an Italian chicken sausage with cheese, I just so happened to have it on hand, which is why I used it. Usually I would save anything Italian for a dinner recipe, but it was rather good for this quick breakfast recipe.

I seasoned the potatoes with seasoning salt, pepper and some garlic powder. I threw the potatoes, onions and peppers in first. I’d wait a little while next time to add the onions and peppers to give the potatoes some time to cook first, but it still came out tasty this time around.

I added the sausage next, letting it get brown before adding the eggs.

Of course topping off the scramble with eggs. I turned ff the heat before adding the cheese which melted from the remaining heat.

Add a few oranges slices on the side and you’re done. It’s a quick, easy and filling meal. These days I need quick meals. We’re getting busier and busier but still love to eat home cooked meals when we can.

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