Saturday, September 23, 2017

I recently wrote about our first time visiting Clearwater (you can check that out HERE), but we loved it so much that we knew we had to return for another visit. We went for a short weekend in October of 2016, visiting both Clearwater and the Tampa area. Got a great deal on tickets (find how we got cheap tickets HERE) to fly into Tampa. One thing that we knew we had to do was get on that Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise, and I am so glad we did!

We arrived mid-afternoon, parked in a parking deck that was connected to a hotel. The price of parking was a little on the steep side but will be for the most park on weekend. I’m glad we parked here as they had a bathroom at the bottom, which is great when kiddos are in tow and it gave us somewhere to change into our beachwear when it was time for sand and sun. But first was Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise.

It is so worth the money, includes the obvious entertainment while aboard the pirate cruise, face painting for the kids and unlimited soft drinks and beer. I had bought a small pirate kit for the kids from the dollar tree ahead of time. It included the eye patch, a small toy, fake ear-ring and hat or bandanna. Totally worth it (I mean it’s a $1, you can’t beat that). We were greeted by a pirate who gave us pirate hats to wear during our experience. Once aboard, we grabbed a drink and a seat.

From the moment that we got on, it was fun! The had a range of activities for the kids, including; story time, water gun fight, face painting and a dance party. Even if you are not taking children, you would still have a lot of fun.

The kids had the most fun with the water gun, they ran around the ship shooting the pirates.

But then again, the dance party was equally as fun.

Who am I kidding. The whole experience was excellent!

With all the fun we were having, the 2 hours pirate cruise flew by quick. But that wasn’t the end of our fun for the day.

After the cruise we decided to try some Clearwater cuisine. We ate a restaurant on the strip, of course I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but, it was delicious!

Afterward, we walked back to the car, had the kids change into their swimsuits and headed to the beach. I could literally stay here forever. I have no idea why I don’t live here, besides the fact that I can’t afford a beach house/condo. 😉

The kids played in the water as we watched the sunset. One of the many reasons I love Pier 60 in Clearwater is because of all the free activities they have every weekend. They usually show movies on the beach, have people performing, a play area of which makes everyone want to stay way past the time that the sun set. The  day we were there they were playing Goosebumps, so we laid our beach towels down and watched the movie under the night sky with the cool ocean breeze. It was amazing. But then we heard a loud pop! Looked behind us and there was a magnificent firework display over the water. And it was better than a lot of 4th of July firework displays that I have seen. Seriously, you can spend a whole day at Pier 60, bring your food, so all you have to pay for is parking and have the most wonderful time!

A great time on a pirate ship.


A great time on the beach.


A great evening under the stars watching movies.


And to top it off, a great firework display to end the night.

What more can you ask for?

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