Saturday, September 23, 2017

Last year I reviewed the UE BOOM and was blown away by the power that it would give out, its sleek look and the fact that it was water-resistant. Sounds good to me, especially when you’re on the go, this puppy is one you will want to take with you! Recently I received the UE BOOM 2 to review and I can honestly say, I’ve been blown away again!


UE BOOM 2 is an upgrade from the original UE BOOM.

Better sound. Check.

More power. check.

Same sleek look. Check.

Completely waterproof. Check!

Yes, this speaker can be completely submerged into water! Don’t get too excited and try to deep-sea dive with the thing, it should only be submerged up to 30 minutes. But that is 30 minutes longer than any other speaker I own!

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It is Bluetooth accessible! Your device can be about 100 feet from the speaker and still play! I didn’t count my steps or anything, but I stepped away a good distance and it was still linked up to my device. Great for a backyard party, or how about an outdoor movie night, the possibilities are endless. It also has a USB connection, so you can link it up that way too.



Like other UE BOOM’s, You can sinc with another UE BOOM to create even more power. I did with my original UE BOOM and this one, you can definitely hear a difference between the two. The UE BOOM 2 packs the power. I didn’t even think that was possible as I love the sounds that come out of the original UE BOOM!

The battery life is excellent, lasting up to 15 hours on a charge! As far as charging goes, it charges pretty quick, less than 3 hours for sure.

The size is great, larger than the original, but still a decent size coming in a little larger than a tumbler mug. It can fit in most bags without an issue, so an excellent addition to any gym or travel bag.

The UE ¬†BOOM 2 is well worth the price, coming in right under $200. Stylish, sleek, powerful and durable. This speaker us made to last and trust me, you’ll want to keep it forever!

Want to get the sounds you’ve been looking for? Go HERE to get your UE BOOM 2!



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