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I received tickets to facilitate a review, as always, my opinions are my own.

We spent 2 hours of our second day in Tampa at MOSI, I thought this would be enough, I was wrong. You need the whole day to explore MOSI. There is so much to do there! We actually ended up going back to MOSI the next day. We weren’t even going to consider it, but I am so glad we did. It is probably the best science museum I have ever been to. We started with building some rockets out of paper and setting the off with an air compressor.


My son could have done this all day! You will also notice some of the MOSI associates doing experiments. The first day they had an experiment with cups of water and were transferring it from cup to cup, ending with no water at all. It was the some stuff they use in diapers to help absorb the liquid. The second hands-on experiment we did was with a Syndaver! Ever heard of that before? Me either. A Syndaver is basically a synthetic cadaver.


They are actually used with medical students for educational purposes. You can remove the organs and they even spray it with alcohol so that it portrays a slickness that I assume our organs have. It was really interesting and the MOSI associate was so knowledgable, funny and great with the kids!


S/N: Syndaver is located in Tampa and actually allows tours!


As we were making our way to the stairs, I noticed a bike that you could ride on a rope that was counterbalanced 3 stories above us. We couldn’t ride it that day as you need to wear close-toed shoes. You also have to be a certain weight and height, and you would obviously want to wear shorts or pants, seeing as though you are riding the bike above people. I wasn’t ready the during our first visit, but I came totally prepared the following day.


MOSI also has a great body and health exhibit, very informative and more detailed than any other exhibit that I seen before that was similar to it. I thought the Healthywood Squares was adorable! They are puppets that exhibit Hollywood Squares, they even have a host! The host ask the questions, one of the puppets will answer and you agree or disagree, just like Hollywood Squares. It was so cute. They did ask a lot (if not all the questions) dealt with puberty and STD’s, so if you’re not ready for the kids to learn about that, then you may want to pass that area up.

The most funniest area was a drunk driver area. You could put on  goggles to see if you can walk straight on a line. It was actually a little hard and watching the kids do it was hilarious! Hopefully it’s nothing that is in their future. 😉


They have a very informative birth area, with videos. Videos that showed, everything. So, again, if you’re not ready for your kid’s to see that aspect of life, you may want to skip the video section. What we found personally interesting was the gestational area as well as an area where they had an incubator. My son was born early (26 weeks), as well as my friend’s daughter (I think she was 24 weeks). So of course that hit close to home.

The first day we went we watched an IMAX movie, Sharks. It was very interesting and the IMAX theatre is AMAZING! Gorgeous on the outside and outstanding on the inside, seriously, best IMAX theatre I have ever been in. We loved it so much that when we came back the next day we watched another IMAX movie. A Beautiful Planet is another great one to watch, personally, that one was my favorite. Each lasted around 45 minutes. They have popcorn and other snacks available for purchase for the movie, it’s set up like an actual l theatre. They also offer an additional movie for $4! Great deal and well worth it.


We decided to head outside and take our chances in the Rope courses and ziplinning, unfortunately the kiddos were too small for the ziplinning, so we had to pass on that. My friends girl’s didn’t want to conquer the rope course beyond the first level, I can’t blame them, it is a little intimidating. My son was fine with going higher, as long as we stayed on the stairs, maybe next time he’ll get more comfortable. I was surprised we made it that far,  seeing as when we tried to tackle to rope course at Stone Mountain and had to go back down the other way. So I can say I am proud of my little guy.


MOSI is pretty big, they have 2 buildings along with the other outdoor activities (playground, Ziplinning, Rope Course, Butterfly exhibit and trail). We spent a while inside the building that houses Kid’s in Charge. This area is great for kids 12 and under, which all 3 kids are.


You can test your strength, go to the moon, shop at Publix (which I personally actually love). Basically a lot of hands-on exhibits that the kids can feel like they are the ones in charge (hence the name). I love when they don’t know that they are learning, because they’re having so much fun playing!




We topped our visit off with a walk through the Butterfly exhibit. Not too many in the exhibit that are roaming around, but enough that you can enjoy the view.


They had so much information on the life of a butterfly, they allow you to view some of these beauties under a microscope and you can even view them hanging by their cocoon through a window.


Needless to say, adding MOSI to your list of things to do in Tampa is a must! Expect to spend a day here, I’d spend the morning in one building, watch a movie, do some rope course or just let the kids play on the play ground. At that time I would suggest breaking for lunch with finishing the day with Kids in Charge, explore the butterfly’s and if the weather permits, walk the trail. You can get tickets HERE. But I suggest the City Pass if you are doing more in the city.  Hope you all have as much fun as we did, and please stop back by and share your visit with me, I’d love to hear!


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