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We recently spent a long weekend in Colorado. Besides having a great weekend exploring the gorgeous land of Colorado, we had the pleasure of exploring it in a 2017 Mazda’s CX-3! It made our weekend a little easier, comfortable and safe. Here is everything you need to know about Mazda’s CX-3!

I received the opportunity to drive the car for the weekend to facilitate a review. As always, my opinions are my own


The most important part about a car is the safety. Luckily when I was driving Mazda’s CX-3 I didn’t have to worry about safety. This is the second car that I’ve driven from Mazda and I must say that I believe they pride themselves in the safety department. There are a number of factors that help keep you and your crew safe when cruising the streets in Mazda’s CX-3. I felt comfortable knowing that even before setting foot in the car that it scored an overall 5-stars on the Government 5-Star Safety Rating. Some safety features that the CX-3 has are some of the things that I love best about the vehicle.

I love the blind spot monitoring feature on the side-view mirror which alerts you when someone is in your blind spot. We did notice that there is this area on the side of the car in the back that actually does affect your blind spot. It’s the area that is in between the back doors and the trunk. So keep that in mind, even if you do have the blind spot feature.

I also love, love, love that your navigation and speed are literally in front of you. A small tab will rise once you start the car that shows you all you need to know about your speed and where you’re going. It illuminated green which I liked better that the white lettering that the CX-9 gave off. I found that it wasn’t as noticeable in some instances while driving the CX-9, like, when driving behind a white vehicle. This definitely speaks on safety as you keep your eyes forward rather than looking down.

I love that you can also maneuver the 7″ display screen that sits on the dash with the touch of a toggle button conveniently on the middle console. Not only is it convenience, but it is also a safety feature, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road than messing with the touch screen features. Besides, isn’t that the passengers job? 😉


For being a car that is on the smaller size it is actually spacious. I wish the trunk had more space, but it was sufficient for my family of 3 and 6 bags. We were able to fit everything in the trunk, so of course this allowed for additional space in the back seats if need be.

I felt comfortable sitting in the driver seat, had ample room and I love how the CX-3 has several cup holders, and additional compartments for storage. For instance, the CX-3 has a compartment on the arm rest for your phone. You can still plug it up and not have to worry about where you set it down. I don’t know about you all, but I’m infamous for either leaving it in a place inside that car where it will eventually end up on the floor.

The passenger seat was just as roomy, of course the passenger has an equal amount of access to the various controls via the center console. The back seats also felt very room for being in a small car. Especially since my son was the only passenger in the back. I’d say overall that more than 4 people will be uncomfortable and if you’re a family that likes to go on road-trips a lot then this vehicle would be perfect for a family of 3.


 Comfort is key, especially if you’re one to be on the go all the time and spending a majority of your day in the car. Mazda’s CX-3’s level of comfort is more than enough to keep you wanting to stay in the car. Leather seats allow you to sit snug while on the road. The front seats are can be heated to keep you toasty on those cold days. The seats were very comfortable and easily adjustable to suit your comfort.

You have the control of audio in the car at the tips of your fingers on the leather wrapped steering wheel, along with the not only safe, but convenient toggle button to control the audio screen. Seeing as the car is Bluetooth capable makes a world of difference. Your phone and Pandora can be played throughout the car as you ride.


Mazda continues to bring on the quality in their 2017 CX-3. The sound system is Boise speakers, which give you the sound you want without the crackle that some cheaper speakers give off.  As noted above, the car is Bluetooth capable and has XM radio. You won’t have a problem finding anything to listen to, but you may have a problem decided which station to choose. Many choices.

Seeing as the car has a 5-Star Safety Rating, I’d say the materials used to build the car are of good quality. Which is probably the most important aspect of any car. The car also has key-less entry and a  push button engine. Your key just needs to be on you to enter the vehicle, so if it’s in your purse or pocket, just touch to button on the handle to enter the car. I really love this feature and it doubles as another safety feature. The push button engine is another great feature, as most cars are made with this feature now, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the CX-3 is equipped with this feature.

Another feature that I love is the rear facing camera so you can back-up with no problem. I can’t get enough of this feature in any car let alone the CX-3! I paralleled parked beautifully because of the camera. And I don’t usually parallel park beautifully, just saying.

Smooth Ride

The Mazda CX-3 gave off a smooth drive for the most part. I’d say we could definitely “feel” the speed when we drove at a higher rate. However, it drove with ease while driving it in sports mode. The car alerts you if you’re going over a line, in additional to the already noted blind spot monitoring. And don’t let me fail to mention that it gets great gas mileage with getting 29 mpg. These in general don’t give off a smooth ride but definitely make the ride better, thus adding to a “smoother” ride.

Final Thoughts

I overall enjoyed driving Mazda’s CX-3, great ride and spacious for a compact car. I personally like more space, but again, for the space you have its sufficient and is great for a family of 4 or less. I love all the features that it has, which makes my ride more comfortable, safer and more enjoyable. I really have enjoyed reviewing cars from Mazda, they take something that usually feels like a duty and make it an experience.

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