Saturday, September 23, 2017

We started off summer with a…


We hung out with Batman and Wonder Woman, screamed, laughed and explored the new First World’s DC Super Friends area at Six Flags over Georgia.

I received tickets to view and review DC Super Friends. All opinions are my own.

Here is why YOU should visit First World’s DC Super Friends at Six Flags over Georgia!

The area houses 5 attractions that will please any Super Hero or Villain both small and tall!

You can ride through the city on one of Batman’s Batcopters, this ride rotates around and allows you to control going up and down. Great for little Bat Boys and Bat Girls who can’t quite get on the bigger rides.


This was a popular one, I’m sure they felt like they were soaring through Gotham!


Soar to high heights with Superman in Superman’s Tower of Power. Like a traditional bouncing ride, this is great for the early adventure seekers who like elevation!


Learn to fly your own jet at Wonder Woman’s Flight School! You can control the wings as you scope out the DC Super Friends area!


It speeds up a good bit, so hold on tight!


Put your friends and family to the test to see who you can beat at Harley Quinn’s Games! This is an oldie but a goodie and has been revamped from what it previously looked like. We didn’t spend much time in here as we were busy taking advantage of the rides!

You can also jump aboard with one of the most notorious villains of them all on The JOKER Funhouse Coaster! He won’t be the only laughing in the end as you zip through 900 feet of track! This is a great coaster as the hills aren’t terribly big and only goes about 30 MPH. We literally rode it 3 times in a row! The kids LOVED it!!

If you haven’t been to Six Flags over Georgia yet this season, then you’re in for another surprise. They revamped Bug’s Bunny Boomtown! It some of the same rides that were previously there, some new ones and a great play ground.


This area is great for any age, so don’t be shy bringing the whole family along. They have an interactive water ride that was so much fun! And it doubles as a great way to cool off in the hot summer sun.


So what are your plans this summer? If Six Flags over Georgia wasn’t in your plans I suggest your reconsider! It was an awesome way for us to start our summer and since last year, it has turn into a tradition. I don’t see you being disappointed with everything that Six Flags over Georgia has done to make it a more family-friendly park for all ages!

To find out more about Six Flags over Georgia, First World’s DC Super Friends or Bug’s Bunny Boomtown, head on over HERE.

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Mary at
Our DC World up in New Jersey is quite large and full of adult rides. I love seeing the smaller versions for children. The kids looked like they had an amazing time.
Nikki at
These rides look like so much fun! I love the bright, shiny paint on the Wonder Woman ride.
Ana De- Jesus at
Wow you are so lucky! Say hello to Wonderwoman for me she is an inspirational heroine and I have always wanted to visit six flags!
tp keane at
Wow, that looks so awesome. Some of these rides are not too scary too, just perfect for me
robin masshole mommy at
Our Six Flags has an area like this and it's perfect for the littles. Hope you enjoyed the park :)
    EatMakeTravel at
    We really did. It was perfect for them!
Mimi at
Oh my gosh, I think my son would live there for the entire summer if he could! Looks like a fun time. We're not planning to head down that way this year, but maybe on our way to FL next year! We'll have to see if we can fit it into our plans.
Toughcookiemommy at
My boys would be over the moon with these rides. They love following and emulating their favorite superheroes so they would get a kick out of these themed experiences.
Rachel Langer at
We have a Six Flags close to us, but I am pretty sure they don't have all this awesome super hero stuff! It looks like so much fun.
Dawn McAlexander at
I have never been to a Six Flags park. I have heard they are a lot of fun. I believe it from what I see here!
Kaylene at
My husband is obsessed with DC comics. He even has SuperMan tattooed on his arm. I have a feeling we'll make a vacation down to six flags as soon as he learns about this!
Amanda Love at
We have season passes but the one in Texas is closer to me. I know they have the Superman Tower there but I won't be getting on. I hate anything that goes higher than me. :)
Heather at
This looks like a total blast! I love Six Flags, and I think my kids would absolutely love the Super Hero aspect of this :-)
Teresa at
Wow! Looks like a ton of fun. I know my nephews would just adore this place.
Toni at
I live in Dallas and we don't have DC World but I would love it because those are my favorite characters! I'm glad you all had a great time - the rides were very kid friendly!
Di at
We have a 6 flags near us, Magic Mountain. I haven't been for a while though. Probably about 10 years. I really loved 'the joker" and "goliath" rides.
HilLesha O’Nan at
How fun and exciting! It has been ages and ages since I've been to Six Flags, but I wouldn't mind going back again someday.
Steph at
This looks like such a fun place to be, it's awesome that you got to go for the grand opening! :)

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