Monday, August 21, 2017

Flash cards are like Lego’s.

They end up everywhere!

I bought a little container to keep them all in.

They still end up everywhere.

Not to mention if you are on the go as much as we are, it’s impossible to take them with you and actually come back to the house with them.

Maybe it’s just us?

If you are in the same boat as me, I have the perfect solution to keep all those pesky cards TOGETHER!

Book Rings!

When I was in high school, I had a teacher who had us make, like a million flash cards. In order to keep them together she had us make a hole punch in the top corner and attach them to a book ring.

So¬†simple, yet a great way to keep them together, and makes it¬†easier to take with you when you’re out and about.

Here’s what you need:

3″ Book Ring

Note Card ( you can also do this with flash cards from the store)

A Marker (if you’re making your own)

Hole Punch


Just Punch a hole in the top corner and attach to the ring.


My son’s is made up of his sight words, so I wrote a different word on each side.20150217_160633

But it’s great to use for test questions for any grade level.

As I said, it’s great to take with you, just drop it in your purse or their bag get a little studying done!

Two birds, one stone!

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Michelle Myers at
Love, love, love book rings! They're totally versatile and so great for so many things!!!!!
    TheHobbyCollector at
    They are! I was tired of picking them up off the floor!!! Lol
Earl-Leigh Designs at
This is a wonderful solution! I spent so many days picking those cards off the floor!
    TheHobbyCollector at
    Yes, it makes it so much easier to keep track of.
Nicole Keener at
Flash cards were bought in bulk when my daughter was little, I have noticed that I use them way less now that she is 6. But she would even use them to draw pictures on them. They are really handy, and absolutely great for sight words.
    TheHobbyCollector at
Erin- Sixth Bloom at
Ahhh binder rings are amazing!!!!! Love the idea of creating your flashcards then using a ring thanks for the share
    TheHobbyCollector at
    Your welcome Erin!
Chene at
I keep book rings around like pencils while homeschooling the kids. We use them for everything!
    TheHobbyCollector at
    They are lifesavers!!
Aleshea at
My momma used to do this when we were little. Such a neat idea and a great way to keep up with them. When I was I. College it stuck with me and that's how I studied from some of my science classes like geology.
    TheHobbyCollector at
    I would havr never thought of it if my high school teacher didn't show me! I love that it helps with organization

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