Saturday, September 23, 2017

Something special is happening this weekend…

Did I just make you frantically look at the calendar, thinking it was Valentine’s weekend?

Hehe… Made you look.

But, lets get serious. There IS something happening this weekend, Sunday to be exact. Around 9PM…On AMC.

Perhaps a little show called The Walking Dead?

Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Well, if you haven’t you must live under a rock. It’s only one of the most popular shows on TV right now. Whether you love it or hate it, you know what it is. Clearly if you’re like me you will be celebrating. We don’t go all hard-core premiere party like I really want to do. But we do a few things here and there to commemorate this special event. Last year, for the mid-season premiere I made Brain Cupcakes. I had seen a picture on Pinterest and had to do it!

1891270_10152201572159324_1118324484_nPlease disregard the photo quality, it was taken with my old Blackberry.

I love my little brain mold, I bought it from amazon for a low price! You can buy one for yourself HERE. Although very cute, (okay, I realize how sick that sounds) we didn’t eat the brains. It was made of Almond Bark and was just too big of a piece to eat. So I put my little thinking cap on and thought to myself, I said,

“self… You should make Peanut Butter Cup Brains!”

And I did…

But they didn’t turn out as good as I wanted them too. So I opened up my handy-dandy Pinterest page to explore other sweet brain ideas. Luckily, I found something that sparked an idea for myself! I came across a Pin for Cake Ball Brains from Hungry Happenings. However, I didn’t feel like making frosting, or even running out to get a jar. Then I thought to myself again, I said.

“Self, why don’t you make Brownie Brains!”

It’s a brilliant idea, I will make fudge brownie, which will give it a similar consistency to the cake balls, and my time consumption will be in a fraction of the time. So I got to work! I made just a basic Fudge Brownie recipe that I found HERE. I cut the recipe in half since I planned on only making 4 Brownie Brain. So, here it goes:

Here’s what you’ll need:

Fudge Brownies (baked and cooled) and red food coloring candy wafers, and a brain mold.


You want to melt the candy wafers in the microwave at 30 second intervals. I used approximately 1/4 of the bag at first. Once you melt the wafers, you can add just a tiny dab of red food coloring. This will give it a pale pink color.


Next you want to lightly coat the brain mold with the melted candy wafers. You want to cover enough to where you don’t see any of the mold.

Next, place in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Don’t leave it too long, it could crack. Learned that great tip via Hungry Happenings!

After your brownies have cooled (can be a little warm) press pieces of the brownie into the mold, leaving a little less than 1/2 an inch from the top.


Melt more Candy Wafers (if you need) to cover the brownies. I had a little left from melting some in the beginning, so I just added more to the bowl and melted. I also didn’t add anymore food coloring, what I had initially put was enough to keep the pink tint, even with more Wafers added.



Set back in the freezer for about 15(ish) minutes and remove! Let warm to room temperature.


Viola! Brownie Brains!


These are really good. At first, I thought I placed too much of the melted Candy Wafer. Once I took a bite…

I was convinced otherwise.


The perfect addition to a Walker extravaganza!

Or a Halloween party.

Which ever floats your boat.

I used about 1/2 the bag of Candy Wafers. And maybe half of the brownies, so, I could have made a fair amount more if I wanted.

If you want to jump on the Walker bandwagon, it airs Sundays on AMC at 9:00PM Eastern time. Out of respect of my personal Facebook friends and family who do not catch the show when it airs, I plan on coming back here to talk all things Walking Dead! So, come on back and lets chat!

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Ricci at
I don't watch Walking Dead but everyone I know does!! These brownie brains look yummy!!
    TheHobbyCollector at
    They are Ricci!
Nicky at
These look great. Perfect treat for a walker party
Sonya at
Yum! Brownie Brains sounds good. I've been craving brownies. I think that will be my sweet treat for Valentine's Day.
    TheHobbyCollector at
    I need no sweets for Valetine's Day. And someone ate all the brownie brains. S/N: The two statements have no connection. ;)
Patrice M Foster at
Great post. Yummy ready to serve on valentine.
    TheHobbyCollector at
    Haha, maybe not Valetine's day worthy... Unless your a zombie.
Donella Crigger at
These are hilarious! We're big fans of the Walking Dead. The brownie brains would be a big hit at a viewing party or for Halloween!
    TheHobbyCollector at
    Oh, These WILL be at our Halloween party! ;)
Stephanie Pass at
Love, love, love it! I wondered what in the world Brownie Brains are, but now I know. My kids would totally love these.
Aleshea Dominique at
Oh, my these looks so good and are makin' me so hungry
Tiffany at
I have never watched Walking Dead..These brownies would be great for science/health class! :)
    TheHobbyCollector at
    Yes Tiffany! Great idea! and of course Halloween too.

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