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As I turn another year older, all I can think about is where I came from, where I want to be, as well as,  where YOU will be at my age. One thing’s for sure, I hope that through the lessons I’ve learned in my life thus far, that it will make you a better person. Here are a few things your adult self should know:

1) Trust no one. Okay, I get how bad that actually sounds, but hear me out. Not that you should NOT trust anyone, just don’t put anything past anyone. Honestly honey, it will happen. It may be your best friend, a girlfriend, a family member. It’s just the way some people are, in certain circumstances, people can change at the drop of a dime.

2) Laugh.. a lot. It’s the best medicine.

3) Don’t wait on others. If there’s something you want to do in life… just do it (well, as long as it’s not drugs or illegal)!

4) Leave the judging to God. I urge you to not judge someone else on the way that THEY want to live their life. As long as they aren’t harming anyone in the way they chose to live, then let them be… happy.

5) I hate to say it, but don’t put too much trust in your doctor. They work with the pharmaceutical company, you know, the people who make money off you being sick and using their drugs that lead to other sicknesses… Okay, I’m rambling a bit, but it’s true! Just trust your gut, and please try alternative ways to heal before you jump on the first drug they offer you.

6) I hug you all the time because I know when you’re a teenager you’ll feel too cool for all that, so, I get as much as I can now. Please remember that when you have children.

7) Please don’t be a follower. For your life is yours and only you can walk the path of which God gave you. Followers are just walking down someone else’s path…

8) This kind of goes with #7. Be you, no matter who’s around.

9) Work hard, it pays off.

10) There will be people in life who won’t like you, who will be mean. Those people don’t matter in YOUR life!

11) You can be anything that you want to be… But to be on the safe side, know the right people and how to interview well!

12) It is what it is… You can only change things you have control over.

13) Everyone will not believe in what you believe… That’s okay

14) In life, people will come and go, appreciate them. Their season was for a reason.

15) Keep your relationship with your significant other between you and your significant other.

16) Be grateful for the job you have, even if you don’t love it.

17) Don’t get jealous of others, get MOTIVATED!

18) You never know what someone else is going through. Be mindful of that when dealing with others.

19) If someone needs some thing from you. Respond with, “Tell me what you want, what you really really want”

20) Always live Frugally; especially in your young adult years, when you will want to blow your money on a whole lot of nothing. By all means, have fun! But, save a good bit too.

21) When you’re young and unmarried, just GO! See the world, move to different states, find out what makes YOU happy!

22) Peer pressure can be very intimidating. If you don’t want to do something, then don’t do it. People will respect your decision, it may not seem like it at first, but they will.

23) Change is growth. Change is good. Your life will be forever changing, just go with the flow.

24) Make memories. When you’re older, you want to be able to have good stories to tell.

25) Appreciate your elders. I hope you understand this prior to them leaving this earth.

26) Rejoice in the little things, they’re all we have if nothing at all.

27) Love yourself enough to know you’re okay to be alone.

28) The feeling in your gut.. that’s your instinct. Please listen to it.

29) Think fast, talk slow.

30) Step out of your comfort zone and take the experience!

31) YOU have a purpose.

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Melissa Arocha at
That's beautiful!
    TheHobbyCollector at
    Elaine Stegg at
    This is sooo you and your son! Love #19 <3
      TheHobbyCollector at
      awww, thanks!
Kelly – Life Made Sweeter at
Aaw, this is so touching and beautiful! Happy birthday!
    TheHobbyCollector at
Becca Niederkrom at
Wow, this was one of the best articles I have read in a long time. Loved all the items listed above but especially #5 (western medicine seems to have forgotten the hipocratic oath) and I loved #7. Carve your own way is indeed great advice, so important for us to all think for ourselves and live on purpose.
    TheHobbyCollector at
    Thanks so much Becca! Yes, I believe in seeking an alternative method of healing if at all possible.
Nikki Frank-Hamilton at
This list can be a reminder for all of matter how old we are! I scrolled back through trying to find a favorite one, and I can't. They are all my favorite! Thanks for sharing.
    TheHobbyCollector at
    I only hope my little man listens, lol!Thanks Nikki for stopping by!

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