Thursday, July 27, 2017

So I was at work one day on break going through my emails. I noticed one that caught my eye, $15 one-way flights.


okay, really. What’s the catch?

I read further to investigate. The email was from Frontier, a airline at that point I have yet to fly with but know several people who have. It read exactly what I thought it said. $15 one-way. Okay, I didn’t know where they were going but I was going somewhere! If it was just an airport.

I was there.

A day a the beach.

You bet your bottom dollar ($15 to be exact!)

Walking around some unknown city where I know no one and could possibly be the most unsafest city in America.

I’m from Michigan and I’ve been to Detroit on several occasions, I’ll be fine.

So I look at the cities that the deal is good for. Some great cities. Miami, New Orleans, Cleveland (where we have family), Orlando, Denver, Austin, were among a few more. My sister lives in San Antonio, Texas and I had yet to visit her after her being there for several years. We actually had a conversation the night before about visiting and how I can never get a cheap enough flight to get out there. It just so happen that her birthday was coming up and that following weekend they were celebrating.

I then thought to myself how far is Austin from San Antonio?

I went to my trusty google to find out that it is a short hour drive! I live in Atlanta, and during rush hour that’s like going to the store!

I called her immediately!

She didn’t answer.

So I call her husband.

He didn’t answer.

I thought if I went ahead and got the tickets that it would be no big deal if (for some reason) this spontaneous trip didn’t go as planned. The tickets were actually $15 one-way! I figured if we take our back packs so that we wouldn’t get charged baggage fees and I didn’t chose our seats which can be scary being a parent but I figured what the hell, no one is going to willingly sit next to a kid who’s parent is several seat away.

After I got of work I tried my sister again. Finally she answered! I told her she had to pick us up from Austin the following Friday and she SCREAMED! We were finally going to visit my sister!

We left after I got out of work. I picked my son up and we headed to the airport. Our plane ride was wonderful. I was skeptical seeing as I paid $15 for the each of us for this ride, but it was a great flight! One of the biggest things were the TV’s, you pay $7 to continue to watch throughout the flight, but well worth it to have your ride feel like it got there as quick as possible. I’m like the most cheapest person alive and made my son share his head phones and just watched of his TV.

Yeah, I know it’s bad.

We arrived to Austin in a timely manner and were greeted with rain clouds.


The clouds didn’t last and frankly didn’t matter as we were spending some much needed time with my only sister. Our first stop was at my brother-in-law’s job, who happens to work in the heart of downtown San Antonio. We were feet away from San Antonio’s iconic Riverwalk and made our way down to explore the beauty.


Aligned with buildings and vibrantly active with crowds of people and the sound of Mariachi bands, the Riverwalk is a must if you are in San Antonio. We walked around for a little while before it started to rain on us.

And ran into some storm troopers.

It happened to be Comic Con this particular weekend.


We were starving by this point and decided to eat at Rainforest Cafe. What an amazing restaurant!


You definitely have a lot to look at while you are in there. However if you are looking for a quiet place to dine this is NOT the place. It was very load and busy. This was the end of our night, we were exhausted to say the least and headed to my sister’s house to crash for the night.


The next day we headed back downtown. Our first stop was the Riverboat tour.

texas-boatThe cost was pretty cheap at $8.25/person. we were on the boat for a while and I would suggest doing it early or later in the day since you’ll be sitting in the sun. It was beautiful though!


We rode around the river with a hilarious driver! He informed us of history/facts of the buildings that we passed while keeping it entertaining.


I got some great pictures while we were on the boat.


It really is a gorgeous view from the boat. The greenery, the architecture is all amazing!


I can’t imagine anyone going to San Antonio and not going on a Riverboat cruise, it’s what the city is built around and is one of the main focal points of the city.


Next we walked around for a bit and caught up with the double Decker bus. That was a little more pricey coming in around $25/person.


The good thing about that is you can get on and off as you please throughout the day. They have several stop points at popular land marks all the while giving you a history lesson of the popular city along the way. We thought we were being cool getting on the top all the way in the front. Then half-way through the ride we found what a bad idea that was sitting on the top of an open bus the heat of Texas! We stuck it out in our seats as we knew it wouldn’t be much longer. Go hard or go home, right?

Once we got off our sizzling bus ride we stopped by San Antonio’s most iconic place, The Alamo.


If you’re headed here you’ll be happy to know that it is a free attraction. We naturally assumed you would have to pay. To keep it opened to the public they do take donations, sell photos and souvenirs. In side the actual building there isn’t much to see, you can’t go inside each individual room (only view from the door). The garden area was gorgeous and a great place to take photos (of which we did).


By this time it was very late afternoon, and we had to go and get ready for my sister’s birthday dinner. Once ready we made our way to Don Pedro’s. San Antonio alone is rich in Hispanic heritage, with tons of restaurants everywhere. Don Pedro’s had some awesome Mexican food! When we arrived my sister went in first welcomed to a Mariachi band singing happy birthday. We had a great time at my sister’s birthday dinner; meeting her friends and family, eating good food, and spending that much needed time with her.


We had a very short trip, getting there late Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning. But for the price I got our tickets for, I had to jump on the opportunity. Sometimes the best little getaways are spontaneous/unplanned. I’ve been keeping my eye on Frontier and have seen several deals since our trip. When the dates are right and the deal is great I will be on the next flight out. Next time I may go visit my aunt in New Orleans! What I learned from this trip is you can travel inexpensively! We literally spent $30 a piece for a round trip flight to Texas. You just have to keep your eyes open for the deals. Sometimes it can seem like a lot of work to be a deal seeker, but it is well worth it in the long run.

Happy Traveling!


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About Stacey

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