Summer Strawberry Salad

I love summer eating. Everything can be so light and easy! I also love summer BERRIES! WE recently went strawberry picking a few weeks back and had a ball… a hot ball, but a ball! This recipe doesn’t include said picked berries, but it can definitely be made with some! I love this one salad that I tried at my job before. It’s made with strawberries, Mandarin Oranges, candied pecans and Blue Cheese! I know most either love or hate blue cheese, but Blue Cheese in a salad is to die for! This is easy and a great salad to take to work or for a weekend lunch, shoot, for anytime really!

Grab your ingredients!


First, I sugar coated my pecans! I wish I had a pecan tree in my yard!


Let cool!


I could totally eat them all!


Cut your strawberries


Next you’ll drain your Mandarin Oranges and combine all your ingredients. Now INDULGE in this summery salad!



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