DIY Easter Cascarones

I’m one of the lucky ones who is still best friends with my childhood best friend.
I remember the day we met vividly.
I was 5 years old and we had just moved into a new house. I seen a girl that was in my class across the street playing. She seen me as well. She yelled for me to come over any play, so with permission from my mom, I went over there. She introduced me to her friend, my neighbor, Monica.
Monica immediately said she had to take me inside to meet her mom. We walk in her living room and she says,
“Mom! This my new best friend!”
Her mom asks what my name is.
Monica looks at me and says,
“What’s your name?”
We lived across the street and then next door, and then across town. Now we are 900 miles away from each other, but when we get one the phone, it’s like we spoke yesterday. She is truly not a best friends, but another sister.
One of the things I loved about being neighbors with Monica and her family is when they had a gathering. No matter what they were celebrating it was a big turn out.
Easter was no exception.
I remember one day going over her house and they were coloring eggs with crayons! I never seen anyone do that before. So I asked why are they coloring Easter Eggs with a crayon? Monica told me they weren’t Easter Eggs but Cascarones.
So she explains more.
“There’s confetti inside and you break it over someone’s head.”
Why am I just now hearing about this?!?!
It was so much fun!
Last year I decided to make some for Easter, but we got rained out. So I saved them for my son’s birthday party.
The kids went INSANE!
This year we are having a Easter Egg Hunt with a few good friends.
So, you know I HAD to make these. And you can too! It’s practically free and the kids love it!
First thing you need to do is save your egg shells! I started in January. The more the merrier!
When you crack your egg, you want to try to make a small crack at the top, however make it big enough to get the confetti in. 20150222_113545
Clean them out with hot water. I place my back into an egg carton to dry/ when I am ready for the next step.
When it’s close to Easter, color, dye or paint them. We dyed ours.
My helper…
Set them back into the egg cartons to let them dry.
I used some tissue paper that I had to cut the confetti. Next year I think I may purchase some to save some time.
20150317_220925_Night (1)
And this is why I will purchase confetti next year, ran out and had to cut some more.
The agony!
Cut 2″ square out of tissue paper and glue the perimeter of the square.
Cover the opening of the egg.
We will use our at our Easter Egg Hunt, so I will post pictures then of all the smiling faces!
Do you make Cascarones for Easter?
Will you do it this year if you haven’t before?

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  1. We live in San Antonio and this is BIG here! They are so much fun and easy to make but hard work. We like to paint ours.
  2. OOO, I made these last year with two little boys in my neighborhood - they loved them! Here in Italy it's totally find to throw confetti everywhere so I took them to a huge public square and they went wild.
  3. I love the eggs and I love your friendship story even more! These sound like eggs my kiddos would love to make!
  4. These are so neat! I would love to try to make these!
  5. Those are so fun! I made them with a preschool class I worked with a few years ago. Might have to do it again this Easter with my own kiddo. Thanks for the idea!
  6. Wow, I've never heard of cascarones but what a fun idea. I'm sure my nephews and nieces would LOVE these. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Have a great weekend! :)
  7. I have never heard of these but they look like so much fun!
  8. How fun! I'm not too crazy about the clean up aspect, but this looks just too fun to worry about silly things like that. Pinning!
  9. I remember going to the fair in town when I was little and some group would always sell these to smash on peoples heads. I thought they were the coolest thing ever. I made some in middle school, but they were not as pretty as yours. Thanks for the fun memories! I know my daughter would love to make these too.

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