5 Tips on Hiking the Hollywood Hills, with Kids

The more and more that I travel I find myself wanting to travel more like a local than a tourist. Mind you, some tourist activities are totally up my alley, but now I want to really explore a city. When we were visiting California, my friend and I knew that hiking to the Hollywood sign …Read More

Visiting DC Monuments

We recently visited Washington DC. We arrived on a Saturday but get there late in the morning. About the time we dropped our bags off at the hotel and jumped on the Metro, we arrived downtown closer to 1 PM. Seeing as (almost) all the museums close around the same time (during the winter months …Read More

Weekend in DC | With Kids

What do you do when you stay in on New Years Eve, as the clock is eagerly clicking its way to the New Year? You buy a plane ticket, of course. Or two. Don’t judge. And please don’t think I “have it like that”. I firmly and respectfully assure you that I do not. However, …Read More