The Original Oyster House

I always feel like when you’re on vacation that you have to indulge in at least one of the area favorites and possibly try something new. For our trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, we wanted to try alligator. I was told the place to try some is The Original Oyster House, which double as a …Read More

Homemade Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

I love a good cinnamon roll. The gooey cinnamon-sugary center, drenched in cream cheese frosting. I’m drooling. Have you ever had homemade ┬ácinnamon rolls? I’m here today to show you exactly what to do to enjoy this delicious treat. I only make cinnamon rolls once a year (Christmas morning to be exact). However, to make …Read More

50+ Soup Recipes

Did you know it January is soup month? I didn’t even know soup had a month until I stumbled upon it last month by mistake. But with January being one of the coldest months during the year, it seems fitting. If you’re ready to get in the kitchen to whip up some delicious soups, then …Read More

Potato Sausage & Egg Scramble

We don’t normally eat breakfast together during the week. Well, normally, not at all! I’m at work by 6 and my son typically eats at school, so unless his dad and him feel like eating before he gets on the bus, then it is only on the weekends that we get to enjoy the most …Read More

25 Christmas Breakfast Recipes!

Looking for something new to make Christmas morning? Here are 25 great Christmas breakfast recipes to make the whole family grateful Christmas morning! I have made overnight cinnamon rolls for the past several years every Christmas morning. It has been the only time I make them the last couple years, so it makes it a …Read More

10 Leftover Turkey Recipes

You know, I think we all have it. The love/hate relationship with holiday leftovers. Specifically Turkey. We tend to have a fair amount leftover, and I personally can only eat it a day or two afterward before I’m tired of it. But to make my taste buds happy, I’ve compiled a list of 10 recipes …Read More

Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice

I am on a mission to eat better. I say this as I sit here eating my child’s Halloween candy. Don’t judge. Addiction is a disease. Seriously, I am addicted to sugar. It is a habit that I am continuously working on. As I sit here eating my son’s candy. But enough about that! That’s …Read More

Jerk Chicken

I haven’t posted any recipes in a while. I promise I cook, but I very rarely measure anything and it’s pretty hard to share a recipe when you just “go with the flow”. Even though I don’t accurately measure, it doesn’t mean that I can’t share with you what I make and then you can …Read More