Beaches Arrives to DVD May 9th + Giveaway Copy!

Life can be a beach. Let CC and Hilary tell you in the remake of the classic film BEACHES. When I first saw who would be portraying the two lifelong besties in the previews on Lifetime, I knew I would enjoy the remake! Idina Menzel and Nia Long did a fantastic job reprising the iconic roles.

It seems like the best friendships are the ones where the two friends are completely different. I can say that with my best friend from childhood. We met at 5, have been and will probably always be different, aside from our smart mouths. 😉 I totally missed her when I watched the remake of BEACHES. These two friends from different worlds share this special bond, that acts more like an act of love between family members than friends. It just goes to show that family doesn’t always have to share blood to be considered family. Throughout the years and the highs and the lows of like, CC’s and Hilary’s friendship stood the test of time.

BEACHES is totally worth watching and has been beautifully redone. Music and all! Idina has done a fabulous job covering Bett Midler’s The Wind Beneath your Wings.

The movie will be available on DVD at WalMart right in time for Mother’s Day, and at the reasonable price of $14.98. But you can enter to WIN a copy for yourself or your best gal pal! Get the girls together for a girl’s night in, remember to have tissues ready and waiting while you watch BEACHES.

Let me know below who you will be watching BEACHES with!


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  1. The first movie was my favorite! I have not seen the new one yet!
    1. It is actually good. I was skeptical at first. Different than the original here and there, but still good.
  2. Dynal Roberson says:
    I would watch it with my daughter.
  3. Deborah Farris says:
    I'd watch this with my own bestie!!
  4. Tracy Shafer says:
    I would love to see it with my sister
  5. brittany marie thompson says:
    I would watch this with my bestie Karina :)
  6. I've not seen this one yet.
  7. Elizabeth Brooks says:
    I have not seen either movies. Sound good
  8. Thomas Ryan says:
    I have not yet had the opportunity to watch any yet so thank you so much for this Amazing opportunity.
  9. kelly woods says:
    Love to watch this with my family I love this movie. Thank you
  10. I honestly did not know that there was a Beaches remake :-o Really interested in seeing now though! I love Idina in all the movies she has been in. Thank you! Oh, the giveaway for comment ~ post link goes to a "page cannot be found". Did a search for Beaches DVD and it sent me to this page again so, making my comment here :-)
  11. Hollie Jahnke says:
    I would watch it with my husband.
  12. Nancy Schools says:
    I would watch it alone.
  13. Adrien Beatty says:
    I would love to watch this with my two very best friends, my mom and sister.

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