12 Days of Sweets: Homemade Vanilla Extract

Okay, so maybe not so much a sweet, but it is used a lot to make sweets! With all my recipes I use my Homemade Bourbon Vanilla Extract. I posted this back in January and it was a gift I made for loved ones for the holiday. As the title suggests, I used Bourbon in my original post, but changing up the liqueur being used will give it a slightly different flavor.

This year I used Rum.


Homemade vanilla extract is so much better than store bought extract, and one of the great things about it is that you can keep adding the liqueur as it gets low.

I figure within a years time that most people would use a bottle of extract (I’m totally not included in that number, I range about 2-3 of these bottles, lol).

You can find the original post HERE, just follow it the same (but changing the liqueur of your choosing). It’s very versatile in which one you do choose, but of course choosing a flavored liqueur would defeat the purpose.


It’s an inexpensive gift to make and it comes in under $5/bottle! That’s a few dollars cheaper than what you would pay in the store, and once you purchase your bottles you don’t have to purchase them anymore, so that is cost savings as well!

Again it is a great gift to make. We have some going to family, friends and my son’s teachers.

Keep in mind that you have to wait a few months to use it, but the longer you wait the better it’ll be. I just tied a little note to it stating when they can start to use it.


Let me know what you think if you decide to try it yourself!.